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17 01 2012
Christy Hengst

Hey Pablo, trying to find your facebook page — although actually I don’t look at facebook much, just wanting to stay in the loop about where you might be djing in town…

14 03 2012
Cheryl Clemmensen

There is an interfaith group bringing the smaller, community Windows and Mirrors exhibit to Albuquerque. I was wondering if you are in the Santa Fe area to invite you to come down. However, this site leads me to believe you are in Brazil.

The exhibit will be in Albuquerque from March 31 through April 21. If you wish to see more about our events, you can link to those at:

We are exited that you have a piece in the exhibit.

Best wishes,
Cheryl Clemmensen

14 03 2012
Pablo Ancona

Hi, I forgot to update my blog! I am back in Santa Fe for the time being. Glad that I will have the opportunity to see the exhibit. Will you be there?
Thanks for contacting me

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