Vinyl Vandals

22 08 2016

Here are images and a description from the first two Vinyl Vandals Exhibits I curated that took place in Brooklyn N.Y. The second edition features all Brasilian artists. Here is an explanation and highlights from each exhibition. Stay tuned for more to come in the future as this collaborative project continues..



Vinyl Vandals is a collaborative art exposition that combines and celebrates the world of record collecting and music culture, with Graffiti art. Artist’s are selected based on their unique set of skills,techniques and styles. Similar to the practice of sampling in Hip Hop culture, the artist’s choose record covers that appeal to them on a musical or visual level and remix it to create a whole new work of art. Just as DJ’s and producers sampled from a wide variety of musical genres to create Hip-Hop and club records, the Vinyl Vandals artists go digging in the crates to rework old covers into fresh new masterpieces.